Plan for Program Management and Administration

As a librarian, I am not only a teacher, but also an administrator and program manager. I must continuously evaluate my library and make sure that it is meeting all school goals and needs. I must make sure that my collection is always aligned with content standards and can be used by all students and teachers as a resource to improve upon a subject or gain additional knowledge from. I must not only manage my collection, but also maintain a plan to improve the library over time by weeding and adding to the collection. I must also manage library staff, including student workers, to make the most of all talents and make sure that the school goals are always kept in mind when bringing in new staff. I must make sure that all staff and students are educated on being ethical global citizens and users of information.

I plan on doing all of this in my first year by evaluating my inventory at the beginning and end of each year to make sure that the collection is aligned with standards and goals. I will make sure that I also purchase professional materials for faculty and staff. I will also make sure to browse my library weekly to familiarize myself with my collection. I will maintain a good relationship with library staff and have at least one evaulation on library staff per semester. I also plan on teaching information literacy lessons to staff during faculty meetings once a month or during professional development days and to students bi-weekly. I will also maintain a budget and work with it to add to the library with print and non-print resources and make sure that all needs are being met. I will also make sure that there is a policy and procedures manual in place and familiarize myself with it and if there is not one, I will create one. I will also continuously make sure that students are feeling welcomed in the library and make sure that the library has a learning and comfortable atmosphere.