Advocacy & Leadership Plan

My plan for advocacy and leadership in my library is to maintain a relationship with my community members as well as staying involved and up-to-date in librarian organizations, such as TLA and ALA. I plan to continue attending the Jan Paris Bookfest and the TLA conference to network with other librarians and learn new things that I can incorporate into my library. My first year in a library will involve a lot of public relations. I plan to get the community involved by hosting book-to-movie nights, sending out newsletters, and keeping an updated website. I also plan on collaborating with teachers and public librarians so that students may have as many resources as possible. I also plan to keep administration involved in the library by making sure that the the library is helping to encourage student adchievement as well as helping to accomplish any school goals. I will make sure that I remain reflective (either on a blog or in a journal) to evaluate all events in the library and make sure that I am keeping my goals and school goals always in mind to ensure student achievement as well as maintaining my role as a leader in my library, school, and community.