Literacy & Reading Plan

As a librarian my first and foremost task is to instill a love of reading in my students, staff, faculty, and community. In order to do so, I must make sure that I am constantly adding and weeding the collection and making sure that it includes items that will interest all of my students in forms of print, e-book, and audiobooks. I should keep track of circulation information as well as library visitation so that I can assess my success or need to improve on this. I will also make sure to have reading activities constantly happening in the library including: booktalks on books that will be interesting, book trailers, book fairs, and keeping a bi-weekly or monthly blog on books that I read and write reviews on so that the school community can see what I am reading and decide if they would like to read it as well. I also plan on having short read alouds either with a book club, during advisory periods, or before/after school. I would like to go into reading classes weekly as well to have short read-alouds if time and teachers allow. I believe that the more excited that I can get students about reading, the more that the community will be excited as well.