3.4 Research & Knowledge Creation

While completing my internship at Harlingen South High School, I conducted an action research project on students who are readers or non-readers. I asked students why they did not read and if they did enjoy reading, what they enjoyed by using a survey both in paper and online at surveymonkey.com. I also used surveymonkey.com to interpret the data. I also researched teen reading habits using the South databases. I came to find that the majority of students who said that they did not identify themselves as readers said that they either did not have the time to read or could not find something that interested them. I also found that students that do enjoy reading prefer YA, mysteries, adventure, sci-fi, historical fiction, dystopian societies, and magazines. My artifact is my entire research including my mindmap when planning the research, online research, survey, survey results, and new questions. After sharing this research with my supervising librarian, we agreed that she could use this information to order more books that would interest students based on these results.

3.4-Action research-Teen Reading Interest.pdf