5.4 Strategic Planning and Assessment

One of the most important tasks that as librarian has is to make sure that the collection is aligned with content-standards that are being taught at the school by all grade levels. Not only should the library be a resource to teachers, but it should be able to help teachers teach. By aligning the resources in the library with those standards, I can be sure that my library is a constant resource to teachers, students, and parents who need or want more on something they are interested in or want more help in. Librarians should use assessment data to see what areas need improvement and evaluate materials in the library to add or remove resources to help improve state assessment data. I attached an artifact where I asked math teachers what area they wanted to improve on and found a few resources that I felt could help them. I chose math teachers because math teachers often feel left out of the library because they are not focused on reading, but rather numbers. I hope that math teachers and librarians can work together to change this thought as well as make improvements together.

5.4 Library Program Alignment.pdf