3.2 Access to Information

My artifact for this element is a Symballoo that I created for research use for a research project on Olympic Weightlifting. This could be used with the steroids in sports pre and post test from 1.2 and research the use of steroid in olympic weightlifting. The Symbaloo provides links to articles about the sport as well as where you can go to learn and train in the sport. It also provides links to articles from the Online Brittannica Encyclopedia as well as EbscoHost. It could be used by both the teacher or librarian to present research or by the students to research on their own. A librarian could use it to show students how to find websites that are accurate as well as ethical. In making this Symbaloo, I learned how to make research more fun and digitally accessible from anywhere; students may access the Symballoo from computers, smartphones, tablets, or anything that has an internet browser.