Evidence of professional competency in Learning Design or Teaching

3.1 Introduction

As a teacher and teacher-librarian for the past 11 years, I feel that I am not quite an expert, but pretty close to It In the field of Learning Design. Based on these experiences, I have found that my philosophy on Learning Design includes creating engaging learning experiences, focusing on the learner, and creating content for these learning experiences with intentionality. I believe that through the Connectivism Learning Theory, learners can connect and learn from each other Intentionally. As a frequent conference presenter and attendee, I have found that I learn more from experiences with other educators and from other educators sharing their own learning. 

3.2 Primary evidence

Internship Experience

During Summer 2022, I was an Intern as a Graduate Assistant to Dr. Karin Perry for her Masters of Library Science Masters courses: Collection Development, School Librarianship, and Computer Science Applications. During the Summer, I assisted Dr. Perry with design of her courses and completed the semester with a Google Form evaluation on my abilities from the students. 

SGR Internship-Kami Export - ISDT 7385. Approval Document.pdf

The following are two presentations that I created for the LSSL courses. The first Selection Policies In School Libraries was for the Collection Development course to encourage students to look up their District Collection Policies. The second presentation was for the School Librarianship course. I noticed many students mention In discussion posts that they did not know what a makerspace was and would like to learn more, so I shared how myself and fellow certified school librarians Implement makerspaces In our libraries. 

Selection Policies in School Libraries

Below are my evaluation Information from the LSSL students that I worked with over summer 2022. The first Is a spreadsheet with responses from a Google Form, and the second Is a document with the charts from the Google Form responses. 

Stephanie Galvan Russell Internship Feedback Form (Responses)
Stephanie Galvan Russell Internship Feedback

During Summer 2022,  I completed my doctoral internship as a graduate student assistant. This is my video reflection of what I learned over the summer.

3.3 supplemental evidence

As a reflection of my commitment to learning and Learning Design, my Texas Educator Certificate and Resume sharing my experiences as a school librarian, Educational Technology Specialist, and Teacher are below. 

S Galvan TX Teaching and Librarian Certificate Valid until 2023.pdf
SGR Resume updated 2022.pdf

As a school librarian, one of my passions has been sharing technology tools with teachers to ensure effective and engaging learning experiences by having monthly Lunch and Learns for teachers. During these sessions, I would provide dessert for the teachers, and they would eat their lunch while I delivered quick professional development to them. Below are the slides with the two school years' worth of Lunch and Learns. 

GMS Staff Lunch _ Learn 19-20.pptx
Public GMS Staff Lunch _ Learn.pptx

websites built for assignments

Below are presentations that I have created and shared with fellow librarians based on my experiences. 

Copy of 2020 Making Magic with Microsoft
ESC13 Vlogging in the Library
Librarians Unite! Using Library Resources for Stud.pptx
PPFT vs the Librarian.pptx
SGR- Master:Spark Engagement
So you want to be a vlogger...
TECH Your Library to the Next Level - DASL Presentation RGV Lib Squad
...but I don’t know how to booktalk

Below are five presentations that I created to teach research skills to the AVID classes at my current campus. 

Copy of [1AVID rsrch] Day 1-Topic _ Sources.pptx
Copy of [2AVID rsrch] Day 2-Sources.pptx
Copy of [3AVID rsrch] Day 3-Sources-1
Copy of [4AVID rsrch] Day 4-Citations
Copy of [5AVID rsrch] Day 5-Citations

Online Course Design

Canvas in Libraries

Over Summer 2020, I shared how I used Canvas In my library with other librarians. Below are the Slides presentation as well as an informal video I created to share with other school librarians who were suddenly immersed In using Canvas.

Canvas in Libraries
How I Use Canvas in my Library.webm

Certificates and badges