My passions are print, digital, and information literacies, educational technology, and professional development. 

I hope to share my passions with the world and encourage my community to be life-long learners.

My lifelong objective is to share my passions for effective technology integration, engaging and purposeful PD, and connecting students to diverse books.

My background in educational technology, school libraries, and school communities, and as an instructional design doctoral student has given me the experience to design modules and lessons according to curriculum and needs of learners to engage, support, and entice learners. I have designed learning activities that can be done as an individual, a team, or with a small group in both in-person and virtual settings. I have also been a professional development provider where I created presentations and opportunities for adult learners based on professional development action plans. I am passionate about life-long learning and encouraging others to do the same as well as using technology to create learning experiences and opportunities. 

1. Goals

My scholarship-related career goals include completing research on effective teacher technology integration In classrooms so that I can be seen as an expert in the field and getting that research published In scholarly journals. I also hope to someday become a professor; by becoming an educator at the collegiate level I hope to encourage others to use technology effectively and intentionally In classrooms to engage and encourage student success. 

My career goals for learning design Include writing a book on effective technology Integration In classrooms where a direct impact on student learning, achievement, and success can be made evident. By doing so, I hope that I can create a curriculum or guide for pre-service, In-service, and veteran teachers to learn how to embrace technology In their classrooms. I also hope that I can change the way technology Is integrated into classrooms to be a way for students to take charge of their own learning and showcase their skills and passions that would not have otherwise been possible. 

My service-related career goals include wanting to share my passion for effective technology Integration with all educators. Instead of fearing technology, especially in educational settings, I hope to encourage others to learn how technology can be used to harness students’ individual talents as well as showcase tools that teachers and educators can use to share their own passions. 

Competencies that will be required to meet these goals include improving my writing ability to be more academic and less informal or conversational; revising and editing my research papers so that they may be published; and self-directed learning. I am very familiar with where my learning gaps are, but as technology and technology-integration advance, I must keep up and continue to learn not only to grow my own knowledge base but to encourage others to learn and promote growth as well. 

Previous Goal Statement for Application to ISDT 

SGR Writing Sample

1.2 Focus Area

As a current doctoral student, I have many interests and find myself wanting to research many different topics, but have narrowed down my areas of focus to that of effective and Intentional classroom teacher technology integration. I hope to observe teacher pedagogical, competency, and value beliefs before and after professional development sessions where they are Immersed In positive, engaging learning experiences and how the professional development affects or changes their beliefs, and how they integrate technology in their classroom teaching.  Granted, this is only my third year In the ISDT Doctorate of Education, and throughout the previous two years, my research focus has changed and may change again, but as of now, this is what I hope to focus on. After the Spring 2022 semester, while working with Dr. Cheng on a Field Studies Report on Second-Order Barriers to Teacher Technology Integration, and my background as a professional development educator, this has become what I am most interested in studying. 

I will leverage scholarship to support my focus area of teacher technology Integration by Identifying technology Integration journals, periodicals, professional associations, and books that focus on teacher technology Integration so that I may better understand my own research. 

I will leverage learning design to support my focus area of teacher technology Integration by designing learning experiences and participating In learning experiences that encourage effective technology Integration In classrooms. 

I will leverage service to support my focus area of teacher technology Integration by attending more professional development conferences, participating In webinars, and reading research on classroom-teacher-specific technology Integration. 

1.3 KNowledge & expertise

My earliest memories are at three years old when I am teaching a group of stuffed animals. I do not know what I was teaching or why, but I can remember that I have always loved the feeling of teaching others in any capacity; I have been and always will be a teacher at heart. Some of my most valuable experiences have been while presenting to teachers and librarians on how to effectively integrate technology into their learning design and hearing the "aha moments" of the adult learners In the room. I get so much joy from having these adult learners come up to me after a presentation and share something that they learned or are excited to take back to their classroom or library. 

My current position is a teacher-librarian In Pflugerville ISD at Pflugerville Middle School, and my last four years of experience have been as a school librarian. Prior to that, I taught sixth-grade math and second grade. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I took the 2020-2021 school year off from working in schools and worked as Professional Development Educator and Educational Technology Specialist, it was during this period of time that I found my love of teaching adults as well as students. 

As a librarian, I was and always have been excited to train teachers on technology tools that they can use In their classrooms (My lunch and Learn presentations can be found on the Evidence of Learning Design page.), and have found that Instructional Design can help me pursue these goals. An area of expertise that I will need to Improve outside of my primary focus area Is doing more research and speaking more directly to classroom teachers. Much of the work that I do in presentations, webinars, via social media, or with school district professional development Is with other librarians that they In turn can take back to their own teachers. To further my own expertise and research, I will need to work more directly with classroom teachers. 

Because I want to understand and observe effective, engaging, and Intentional technology integration in classrooms by teachers, I plan on becoming a Digital Learning Lead at my campus as well as attending more teacher-specific webinars, conferences, and professional development as well as researching classroom technology integration.