2.4 Literacy Strategies

As a teacher-librarian at any level (elementary, middle, or high school) there will be stress. Stress for administration trickles down to the faculty and teachers which then affects the students. More often than not, the students do not realize that they are stressed and need instruction on how to manage their stressors and emotions. No matter what content area is being taught, stress is always a part of education, and every teacher is affected by it. Librarians can help teachers in this by having the resources necessary to teach about stress in their libraries so that students and teachers can use the resources. My artifact is an annotated bibliography for students in grades K-12 as well as professional resources for staff. The annotated bibliography includes picture books, workbooks for teens, and videos so that all learning abilities and reading preferences can be reached. I submitted this list to my supervising librarian at Vela Middle School and she emailed it to the staff as well as has it posted in the staff lounge. She made sure that all of the resources are available from the library and those that aren't can be attained through interlibrary loans or at the public library. We also let teachers know that they could bring their students in to the library for a quick lesson on stress featuring the definition of it, what some stressors are, how to identify what stresses them out, and taught some exercises to relieve stress and showed students the books that could help them out when they are stressed.

2.4-Annotated Bib on Stress.pdf