Information & Knowledge Plan

Librarians are like the information keepers at the school level. We encourage research, original thoughts, and inquiry. In order to do so, though, we must make sure that students are proper digital citizens of the real and online worlds. I will do so during my first year of having a library by (with teacher collaboration and consent) teaching bi-weekly lessons to English classes on information ethics. I plan on teaching about how to use online databases provided by the school, how to use the online catalog, social media sites, plagiarism, citations, and copyright. I will also make sure to post posters throughout the school on how to prevent or be aware of cyber-bullying and being mindful of what students post on social media sites. I also will make sure to include print and non print items of various reading levels in my collection so that all levels of students can be sucessful on their quest to knowledge. I will assess my plan by submitting surveys through to students, teachers, parents, and faculty on the services that they are being offered by the library.