Evidence of Service

4.1 Introduction

My perspective on service has changed greatly over the course of my experience as an educator. It began as one that I feel was passive; I was a figurehead or symbol of leadership and took part In leadership teams. As a doctoral student, researcher, and Instructional Designer, I have found that now my definition of service Is that one of where I am sharing my knowledge and learning experiences with my peers, but also doing research to better our field of Instruction and learning.

4.2 primary evidence


During my years as an educator, I have been In many leadership positions. During my first year teaching, our second-grade team lead resigned unexpectedly during the first week of school and I was asked by administration to step up to be the Second Grade team leader, which I hesitantly accepted. As team leader, I was responsible for overseeing grade level planning meetings and grade level field trips to Bluebell and Texas A&M. When I became a sixth-grade math teacher, our team lead (once again) resigned from teaching, but became our school's Instructional Coach. Due to this, I was chosen by my peers as the new Sixth-Grade team leader, where I was responsible for setting academic team agendas, leading team planning meetings, and overseeing team fundraisers and field trips to Schlitterbahn and Main Event.

As a librarian, I have been on every campus I have worked at's Campus Leadership Team.

Professional Organizations

Becoming a YouTube Librarian-#txla22

Texas Library Association

  • Member since 2016

  • 2023 Conference Planning Committee

  • Session Reviewer

  • Tx Association of School Librarian's Division

  • Young Adult Round Table Exec Board Secretary

  • Tx Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee past-Chair

My presentation for TLA Annual Conference 2022: Becoming a Youtube Librarian

I was also asked to present on how I use MackinVia in my library by Mackin.

I also had the opportunity to moderate two author panels. The photo above shows the authors from Graphic Novels In Young Adult Literature panel.

I also had the opportunity to moderate two author panels. The photo above shows the authors from the Witches and Fantasy panel.

TLA's TASL Talks

I have been given the opportunity to write multiple blogs's for the Texas Library Association-Texas Association of School Librarians's Monthly Blog: TASL Talks.

You can find those here:

Texas Computer Education Association

  • Librarian Special Interest Group Member

  • TCEA 2020 Volunteer

  • TCEA 2022 Super Volunteer

    • TCEA Super Volunteers get their conference fees refunded in exchange for 9 hours of volunteering at the conference.

I presented at the Mackin Booth at the 2019 TCEA Annual Conference for the first time.

I was a presenter In the Interactive Learning Lounge on Vlogging at the 2020 Annual Conference.

I was also asked to present on how I use MackinVia in my library by Mackin. Above Is a recording of that presentation.

Copy of TCEA21: We hosted our own Virtual Conference!

Karina Quilantan-Garza and I presented "We Hosted Our Own Virtual Conference" as part of the TCEA 2021 Virtual Conference.

Association for Educational Communication & Technology

The presentation annotated below was accepted to be presented at the 2022 AECT Annual Conference.

Cheng, S. L., Chang, J. C., Quilantan-Garza, K., Gutierrez, M., & Russell, S. G. (2022, October 24–28). Patterns of emotional experiences during emergency remote teaching in Taiwan [Conference presentation]. AECT 2022 Convention, Las Vegas, NV, United States.

International Society of Technology Educators

  • Librarian's Network Member

As part of the 2021 ISTE Virtual Conference, Karina Quilantan-Garza and I presented our presentation "We Created and Hosted a Virtual Conference."

Knowledge Through Presentations

The following recording (and Slides) are of presentations that I have given for fellow educators.

Virtual Librarians Step Up! #NTXLibCamp20

Knowledge Through Peer Groups

Tech It Over Is a webshow and podcast created by myself and Karina Quilantan-Garza where we highlight women In STEM careers and share technology as well as our experiences as librarians and Instructional design students.

RGV Library Squad Is a peer group founded by myself, Karina Quilantan-Garza, Alexandra Cornejo, and Vilia Garcia as leaders of Librarians from the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

4.3 supplementary evidence

The following are all instances where I share my knowledge and expertise with fellow librarians and educators.

In an Interview on the Librarian Influencer's Podcast, I share how my PLN or Professional Learning Network has allowed me to be a better librarian and help me continue my own professional and personal learning.

In an Interview on the School Librarians United podcast, Alexandra Cornejo and I share how we became experts on BookTalking, where we share books with our students.

In an interview for the Leading from the Library podcast with Shannon Miller, I share how I have ensured access for all of my students during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017, I was interviewed by the Valley Morning Star, a Harlingen, Texas newspaper about being a librarian and an olympic weightlifter. I hoped that the article would help break the stereotype of librarians being people who shush students.

During the Summer of 2021, I was asked to be a part of a YouTube Librarians panel on how I use YouTube as a librarian. To the right, I have a YouTube video where I was Interviewed by the American Library Association on how to continue the work of being a school librarian during the COVID-19 pandemic.