Evidence of professional competency in Scholarship

2.1 Introduction

My Philosophy of Scholarship Includes a need to learn, a passion for educational technology and professional development, and a need to encourage the use of technology effectively in engaging and positive learning experiences for all learners. My evidence includes assignments for ISDT Courses as well as notes from my personal and professional learning that serve as evidence of my commitment to continuing my own learning as well as learning from my own Professional Development experiences.

2.2 primary evidence

Literature reviews

Dossier-Lit Review
3_Lit Review

EDLD 7372 Complete research proposal


My paper on Field Studies on Second-Order Barriers was submitted to the Journal of Technology-Integrated Lessons and Teaching.

Gmail - [JTILT] Submission Acknowledgement.pdf

AECT 2022 Conference Presentation

Cheng, S. L., Chang, J. C., Quilantan-Garza, K., Gutierrez, M., & Russell, S. G. (2022, October 24–28). Patterns of emotional experiences during emergency remote teaching in Taiwan [Conference presentation]. AECT 2022 Convention, Las Vegas, NV, United States.

Patterns of emotional experiences during emergency remote teaching in Taiwan was accepted as a conference presentation for the AECT 2022 Annual Conference In Las Vegas.

2.3 supplementary evidence

Grant Applications

Copy of Austin Ed Fund-Gorzycki MS Makerspace.docx

The Austin ISD Educational Foundation was not granting funding to projects during the COVID-19 Pandemic due to campuses being closed, thus, my project was not funded.

SGR Approval for Education Pfoundation Grant.pdf

The Pfugerville Educational Pfoundation accepted grant proposals until March 31, 2022. Proposals have not yet been notified If they have been accepted or denied.

SGR Innovative Grant Application.pdf

Diamond Bookshelf #31 Publication

Stephanie Galvan Russell-Published Article in Bookshelf 31 and Statement of Professional Goals for SHSU application.pdf

In Spring 2002, my article, The Librarian's Guide to Choosing Manga and Graphic Novels, was published In Bookshelf Magazine #31.

During the first Summer semester of the ISDT Doctoral program, I built a website on solving a Critical Issue in Instructional Design. My research focused on the lack of Digital Citizenship knowledge of Instructional Designers when creating social media projects.

TPACK, First, and Second Order Barriers

As part of my assignments for ISDT 7325 with Dr. Cheng, I learned about First and Second Order Barriers to Technology Integration and it fueled my desire to research teacher beliefs and technology integration.

GalvanRussellS_Field Studies on Second-Order Barriers
3_Teachers’ TPACK, teacher beliefs, and technology integration (Responses)

Technology Sustainability analysis


Also for ISDT 7325, my team and I evaluated two different school districts' Technology Sustainability plans.


Defining the Field of Instructional Theory and Design

As one of our first ISDT assignments, Dr. LaPrairie assigned a paper on our own personal definition of Instructional Theory and Design.

ISDT 7315 network design application proposal


Guest Presenter for ISDT 7315: Educational Network Design - Network Design Basics.

Professional Learning Notes

LispyLibrarian #txla22 Notes

When I attend professional learning conferences, I take notes on Google Docs and share them with peers via social media.

LispyLibrarian #tcea22 Notes

#NTXLibCamp21 Notes
Wakelet Community Week 2021 Notes

ISTELive21! Notes

plan for future goals

One of my plans for the future includes preparing and presenting a research proposal on evaluating teachers' beliefs and teacher-librarian beliefs about technology integration and sharing that research In publications and/or at professional conferences.