1.3-Collab script.pdf

1.3 instructional partner

While I was interning at the Harlingen South High School library, an English II teacher, Ms. Christina Sauceda, and I collaborated on a research project that would allow students to then write a persuasive paper on whether or not a racial group leader should be of that race or not. We chose this because the students were reading 12 Angry Men in class and she wanted them to research some kind of trial. We also chose to use a Symbaloo so that the lesson was self-paced because the students had been working on self-paced lessons online and they could work at their own speed and we could help students who needed one-on-one as it was needed. My artifact is a photo of us collaborating and a script of our conversation planning the lesson. Through this experience, I learned how to build ideas and plan a lesson with someone else so that in the future I will be able to collaborate more lessons with teachers.