Exploration 8

Smith, K. (2008). How to be an explorer of the world. Penguin Books.

Exploration #44: library exploration

In this Exploration, I did the alternate format: Create poems based on the titles of books.

A crash of fate meet cute;

Gear breakers [are] city spies.

The hidden oracle stamped deep blue poison.

They both die[d] at the end.

[The] once and future children's allies


little white lies.

[Now,] one of us is next.

Monster drama!
The hate u give [makes]

the silence between us [a]

long way down.

In the shadow of the sun,

beautiful creatures stung the captain's dog.

[A] storm [came and]

Cured [the dog.]

[The captain] love[s] that dog.

Long distance displacement

[across] the bridge home

across the tracks

[now I am a] Refugee.

Bad sister


Across the tracks

[to the] girl haven

[in the] Secret Garden [at the]

Himawari House.

You don't know me

Just pretend [that]

I'm the best.


Why did you choose this particular exploration? What drew you to this exploration?

I've done this exercise with students before, but never on my own. My library is currently in disarray because of a flood that happened in the library, so it was really interesting just wandering my shelves and finding titles that fit together.

How might you apply this exploration to a study in your particular research area?

What types of novel or different questions could this allow you to explore?

As mentioned before: how book covers influence book choices. Also-who decides on covers?

What did this exploration feel like? How did it influence your senses?

I am not a big "poetry person," (even though I have a published poem), so it made me think about how I wanted to structure the spine poetry and adding words.

What did this exploration make you think about? How did it influence your cognition?

It made me think about how I want my library to be back in order already.

What did this exploration make you notice about the world around you?

Words and stories are everywhere!

How did this exploration help you think~live~be differently in the world?

Noticing words in more places.