Exploration 7

Smith, K. (2008). How to be an explorer of the world. Penguin Books.

Exploration #7:

World of color

Alternate: Document colors from your favorite books, dreams, and memories.

An exploration from Keri Smith's book How to Be an Explorer of the World. This was #7: World of Color. In this exploration, I shared books based off of colors of their covers.

Explorer 8


Why did you choose this particular exploration? What drew you to this exploration?

I originally wanted to do the paint chips, but after a mix-up with my husband, I chose to the alternate. I love love books and jumped at a chance to share some of my favorite covers.

How might you apply this exploration to a study in your particular research area?

What types of novel or different questions could this allow you to explore?

It wouldn't apply to social media and librarians' professional development, but did make me think about another "someday" research idea.

What did this exploration feel like? How did it influence your senses?

It was fun! I walked through my library to find books with covers that either have influenced me or made me think of something, it made me happy.

What did this exploration make you think about? How did it influence your cognition?

It made me happy! It made me remember one of my favorite things about my job: sharing books.

What did this exploration make you notice about the world around you?

How do book covers influence how readers choose their books? I also noticed that books that I set out on top of the shelves on display get checked out faster than books that are in the shelves.

How did this exploration help you think~live~be differently in the world?

It affects how I think about book displays.