Exploration 6

Smith, K. (2008). How to be an explorer of the world. Penguin Books.

Exploration #12: fifty things

In this Exploration, I wrote down fifty things that I noticed about a walk around my campus. The original prompt was to write down things about a trip to the library, grocery store, or around my neighborhood, but I work in a library, I do my grocery shopping online, and never get home in time for a daylight walk around my neighborhood, so this was the best that I could do.

Exploration 6-12: Fifty Things
Campus Walk Exploration


Why did you choose this particular exploration? What drew you to this exploration?

I wanted to do something that made me a little more aware of my surroundings, and I was excited to have an excuse to explore the new Fine Arts wing at my campus.

How might you apply this exploration to a study in your particular research area?

What types of novel or different questions could this allow you to explore?

School decorations or surroundings-

What did this exploration feel like? How did it influence your senses?

It felt weird, like I was going to get In trouble because our security guard was following me and my principal saw me walking around and gave me a weird look.

What did this exploration make you think about?

How did it influence your cognition?

It made me think about how the school surroundings affect the students. At previous newer schools that I have worked at, and had many student-created posters and flyers, students were happier. At my current school (a 35-year old campus), there are no student-made decorations or anything fun on walls, and students are visibly not happy.

What did this exploration make you notice about the world around you?

It made me notice more small things around my campus.

How did this exploration help you think~live~be differently in the world?

It made me think about how the school surroundings affect the students as well as teachers. I miss my classroom where I had bright and fun colors, but I try to carry that in my library.