Elevating Learning Through Innovative Design.

As a passionate instructional designer with over ten years of educational experience, my expertise spans various areas, including print, digital, and information literacies, educational technology, and professional development. 

My lifelong objective is to share my passion for text and information literacy, educational technology, and a love of learning with all learners. With a background in educational technology, school libraries, and instructional design, I have honed my skills in designing modules and lessons tailored to curriculum and learner needs. Whether in in-person or virtual settings, I have created engaging learning activities for individuals, teams, or small groups. 

Additionally, my experience as a professional development provider has allowed me to craft presentations and opportunities for adult learners based on professional development action plans. I'm dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and utilizing technology to create enriching learning experiences. My strengths lie in content creation, design, organizational skills, and effective communication, making me a valuable asset to any team.